Avant Browser

Avant Browser Version 2018 build 7 Free

The quick browser that gives the bigger ones a run for their money

Not all browsing solutions can be found only with the big browsers. There are other alternatives which some users aren’t necessarily aware of. Avant Browser is one of those alternatives, offering quite a decent replacement for the traditional browsers and allowing users to enjoy several advantages.
Offering multi-processing capabilities Avant will allow you to browse through several independent tabs. This means that should one tab get into trouble, it won't affect the other open tabs. That way you can browse without being subjected to browser crashes, frozen windows and the like.
To facilitate speedy browsing, Avant offers online bookmarks which enable users to save preferred websites and webpages and instantly access them any time they'll like.
In order to further facilitate speedy browsing, you can activate the Flash Animation Filter and avoid uploading unwanted content which takes up most of the page's size and which slows down loading process. This way you'll save precious time and get more done. You can also activate the Ad and Pop-up Blocker and get rid of unwelcomed ad banners or pop-up pages.
Avant can also assist you in remembering important information. If you tend to forget passwords, for example, Avant can memorize passwords in your stead. Using the automatic forms filler you can save time manually filling in forms. You'll also be able to protect your online files with a password.
You can set customizable mouse gestures to navigate with more speed and convenience as Avant will suit itself to your needs and preferences.
Should you value your privacy, you can set Avant's Private Browsing mode, thus refraining from saving any browsing history or data. This way only you will know which sites or pages you've been to.
Our suggestion is, give Avant a go and see for yourself.
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